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. . . [09 Feb 2008|11:25am]
[ mood | annoyed ]

I'm tired of writting essays ~_~ I mean, really. Who thought it would be awesome to have art students type up all their notes every week and write at least one essay? I have to write 5 this week between my geology or art class and the senior class. FIVE. WTF? And these are all 2-4 pages DX

I probably wouldn't mind it so much if all the work for the senior class wasn't totally uncalled for. It's just way too much work for a 3 credit class.

*kills things*

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omg post [06 Feb 2008|07:27pm]
[ mood | cold ]

hahaha, I'm not dead

Art Dump ---

Air Gear fanart / Akira
FFXI fanart/ Galka and Elvaan chibis dancing?
Original Art / tube chest guy
Original Art/ test head shot

DumpCollapse )

EDIT -- (because it's not important enough for a post of its own)

WTF, if my iPod breaks ones my time... *kills things*

It seems like every other day the damn thing stops playing music and just cycles through songs. I've reset it three times just this week.

ARGH. Damn you, iPod!

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Lol cosplay [17 Dec 2007|09:20am]
[ mood | busy ]

In case anyone is interested even though most who are already know

I'm going to Ohayocon as Akihiko (and possibly Ryoji) from Persona 3

I think our group is also going to have Shinjiro, Mitsuru, The main character, and Ken. We -might- also have a Junpei, but if we do then I might not be going as Ryoji (since I gotta make Junpei's crap XP)

Last I heard, most of the group was trying to do the goofy weapons (I'm attempting the Jack brothers gloves XD;;; I fail at making stuffed animals, so it's not working out so great)

I feel vaguely responsible for this... Why, no, I didn't shove Persona 3 down the throats of everyone I knew as soon as it came out. Actually, I think I may have tempted everyone with fanart first and then shoved the game at them

And now I'm off to go and finish my hideously pastel yellow scarf

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Cleaning? [15 Dec 2007|09:37am]
[ mood | accomplished ]

So...my brother never moved into his room after we moved like way back when. I finally get sick of staring at boxes and ask him if I clean everything out can I turn the place into a mini studio of sorts. He says go for it, long as he doesn't have to do any cleaning.

I don't even want to talk about what was in that room DX

But, on the bright side...

It's still a bit messy... I haven't got everything moved in yet... but it's kind of awesome but my table is still crooked

I did, however, manage to bang my lamp on the door on the way in DX and the light bulb broke inside and I can't get the damn thing out. Suggestions?

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OMFG [11 Dec 2007|08:55am]
[ mood | blah ]

It is, apparently, possible to have entirely too many energy drinks. I'm so sick right now DX

This may or may not have to do with the fact that I never really drink them and had like a million of them last night in an attempt to finish a project.

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This is me pretending to be productive [15 Sep 2007|02:46pm]
[ mood | lazy ]

I'm never going to finish the Haine one DX *dies* It's been unfinished for months T_T I just keep using it even though it has the DMC playlist...

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Cosplay rant [15 Aug 2007|03:25pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

This is a note to anyone I cosplay with in case this gets to you before I'm actually able to see you in person again (though I'm messaging Tofu right after this post, so...)

Does anyone want to do a DOGS cosplay redux for Ohayocon again?

...cause I think after two days of "OMG I'LL HATE YOU FOREVER IF YOU DON'T COSPLAY WITH ME ONIICHAN DX DX DX AND I'LL EVEN PAY FOR YOUR COSTUME ZOMG" I think my bro just agreed to be Giovanni if I did a Lancer/Archer group with him XD;;

we need twins now DX

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BLEH [14 Jun 2007|10:10pm]
Work sucks XP
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WTF [15 May 2007|07:31pm]
[ mood | amused ]

So, here's what just happened.

Guy comes to the door and I answer it.

Guy - Hi, are your parents home?
Me - ...
Guy - ...
Me - ...No. She works late.
Guy - I'll come back later then

...I could have told the guy we didn't want what he was selling, wtf. And, really, I keep thinking I don't look that little ~_~ but if he's all like "where are your parents" I must clearly not look old enough to tell him to beat it cause we don't want any and must fetch Mommy so she can tell him instead.

Unless the guy heard me talking to my cat... cause he ran to the door and stuck his nose in the window and I went "Ichigo XD Are you answering the door~?" at him before I opened it. Then I can understand why he prolly thought he should ask for my parents XD;;;

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Acen~ [15 May 2007|02:17pm]
[ mood | tired ]

...Acen sorta sucked this year XP I did almost nothing there because most of what I wanted to do was all happening at the same time or I was ill (er...which was mostly my fault, but still kept me from doing things T_T Boo)

Did see Spiral Spiders and High and Mighty Color though (and, gagh, the girl in High and Mighy Color is so cute ♥)

but I got to see like everyone I hadn't seen in ages X3 and got to hang out with my bro~ so that made it awesome even though I had to poke J like 3 times before he realized who I was DX

Dogs cosplay also actually got recognized. Squee!

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Acen [02 May 2007|01:41pm]
[ mood | busy ]

Cosplay checklist for Acen. Feel free to skip as this is for my own reference. Yes, I'm really behind DX I blame finals

wheeee~Collapse )


So bro cancelled the Fate/Stay Night group cause he can't finish in time ~_~ so I gave up on Caster. Will do it later.

However, I am so unmotivated to finish Hakkai. I didn't really wanna do the costume anyway XP

So if I can stop being lazy I'll be going as Haine and Hakkai instead (though my Haine wig needs some fixing...)

EDIT 2 --
HA, you can so tell I gave up like half way through Hakkai's shirt *dies*

OH WELL. Done~ It doesn't look horrible, but I'll prolly just wear it Friday and be Haine Saturday and Sunday.

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When everything goes wrong... [26 Apr 2007|12:01pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

Boo Finals.

So while working on my illustration final, two days before it's due, I'm removing the masking fluid I put on it so I could do a watercolor wash for the sky and the stuff rips a hole in my paper. WTF. I have to start all over T_T

The day my illustration final is due, while working on the background, I grab the wrong damn marker and screw up the fence that's behind everything DX This happens at 12. The project is due at 3, so it's not like I can really fix it

So my illustration final is officially fucked XP It was sort of turning out okay up until I screwed up the fence and now it looks like crap. OH WELL.

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ARGH [22 Apr 2007|07:11pm]
[ mood | tired ]

I never want to have to get up extra early to sell Pokemon games ever again. WTF. Though I guess dealing with a shit ton of kids wanting Pokemon is still way better than dealing with a shit ton of guys who want Madden or Halo.


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Wheeee [22 Apr 2007|12:55am]
[ mood | cranky ]

Look how unproductive I am DX But I have Yukikaze icons now *shot dead*

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DX [21 Apr 2007|10:48pm]
[ mood | frustrated ]

The pen my prof recommended I use on my final just killed it. KILLED IT DEAD.

Fuck. That's like a whole weeks forth or work down the drain DX And it's not like I can start all over because I don't have any more of the paper I was using ~_~ not to mention a sheet of the stuff costs a shit ton. I was actually liking how the image was turning out T_T ARGH.

Here's hoping that maybe adding color to it will save it ~_~

*kills things*

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randomness [07 Feb 2007|07:59pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

Look how clean my room is XD well... it still looks cluttered... but I went crazy and totally cleaned it.

It's sad that this is somehow exciting.

and, look, everyone gets so see how nerdy I really am

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[05 Feb 2007|08:43am]
[ mood | amused ]

....so.... IPS is closed, which typically means I don't go to class either. However, pretty sure it's not closed due to "Weather"....but I can't decide if I should actually be going to class today or not ^^;

lol Colts

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O_o [12 Jan 2007|01:23pm]
[ mood | amused ]

In the year 2007 I resolve to:
Get a mullet.

Get your resolution here.

But I already have a mullet DX
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T_T [05 Jan 2007|11:01am]
[ mood | sick ]

Note to self--

Do not let other people make plans for you. Just because someone else thinks that you are no longer sick doesn't mean that you are actually better.

I feel like such shit right now T_T I don't want to go to Ohayocon DX I should be sleeping or something.

On the plus side, the character I'm cosplaying as seems to get little to no sleep, so it's okay if I look like shit/like I haven't slept in days XD;;;;;

My costume, however, looks rather half-assed ~_~;;; I may redo it later...

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X3 [24 Dec 2006|01:41pm]
[ mood | hyper ]


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